Mac/iPhone Programming Overview

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I have been a fan of Apple's iPod PMPs for a long time now.  I've owned several models over the years, and when I first bought my iPod Touch it seemed like an extravagant purchase for a media player.  However, it's become a huge part of my life and now is basically a miniature computer that I can carry around in my pocket.  I use it for browsing the web, reading email, keeping up with the social media scene, playing games, tracking project times, managing my calendar and todo lists, shopping, and reading eBooks.  Oh yeah - I almost forgot - I use it to listen to music and audio books too!

Since I love to program and usually have ideas on how to improve my experience with computers, I realized that it might be a good idea to write a program or two for the iPod/iPhone.  After a bit of research I realized that you have to make a big commitment to it, as it requires a Mac to have access to the development environment.  I took the plunge in early 2009 and bought a MacBook Pro and signed up with Apple's Developer Connection program.  I've been learning Objective C and becoming familiar with the platform in general - Mac OS X, the iPhone capabilities and environment, and the XCode development environment.

PlayoffTicker2010 is the first iPhone application that I wrote and it's available for download in the iTunes store.  Click here to see more information on the app or click here to visit the app store for more details.

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