XTail is a real-time file viewer that's modeled after the UNIX 'tail' command. In a nutshell, it will load and display files. Its real power is the ability to keep the view constantly up-to-date. In other words, when the file changes XTail will update the view of the file to keep it in synch with the file's actual contents. Because of this, it's a great tool for monitoring log files.

Features include:
  • It's an MDI application with support for multiple child windows with cascade and tile ability
  • It has a resizable window with resizable and scrollable file views
  • It can read in large files quickly
  • It remembers your most recently watched files
  • You can open files via a file browser, command line parameters, or drag and drop
  • You can quickly view file statistic such as - last modification time and file size
  • You can customize sizes, fonts, refresh interval, window size and placement
  • You can copy/save/print files
  • You can highlight keywords of your choice

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