SysMetrix is a skinnable clock and metering application. Its purpose is to provide system metrics in a variety of interesting, useful, and cool ways. It can monitor and report on the hundreds of statistics including:


Optional Statistics
Date Time CPU Usage User Name IP Address
Machine Name Windows Uptime Phys. Mem Total Phys. Mem Used Phys. Mem Free
Phys. Mem %Used Phys. Mem %Free Swap Mem Total Swap Mem Used Swap Mem Free
Swap Mem %Used Swap Mem %Free Virt. Mem Total Virt. Mem Used Virt. Mem Free
Virt. Mem %Used Virt. Mem %Free TCP Bytes In TCP Bytes Out Tot. TCP In
Tot. TCP Out Ave. TCP In Ave. TCP Out TCP Bytes Out Tot. Unread Email
Tot. Email Size Rotating Email Stats Recycle Bin Files Recycle Bin Size Drive Vol Label
Drive Total Space Drive Free Space Drive Used Space Drive %Used Drive %Free
Generic Text Mouse position Active Window System Mute state System Volume
Microphone Volume Wave Volume MIDI Volume CD Volume Line Volume
Pixel color Media State Media Artist Media Track Media Track #
Media Track len Media Track pos Media Track % Media Track remain Media Bitrate
Media Samplerate Media Channels OS Name OS Build OS Version Info
GMT-based Times Timezone Desc. CAPS Lock Num Lock Scroll Lock
Number of CPUs Network Connected Weather Description Outside Temperature Dew Point
Relative Humidity Heat Index Barometric Pressure Pressure Trend Wind Speed
Wind Direction Wind Chill Visibility Registry Value Power Source
Battery State Battery %Used Battery %Free Battery Time Used Battery Time Left
Battery Time Total CPU #1 MHz CPU Description Wireless Strength Wireless SSID

It can display this information in a variety of different ways via the following list of "object" types:

Analog clock To display the time in a familar fashion
Textual To display statistics as text
Drawn Histograms To graphically display a statistic and its history
Image-based Histograms To graphically display a statistic and its history in a more flexible format
Drawn Bargraphs To graphically display a statistic in bargraph format
Image-based Bargraphs To graphically display a statistic in a more flexible bargraph format
Slider Image To graphically display a statistic like a volume slider
Dual-State Images To graphically represent something's state, like whether you have email
Multi-State Images To graphically represent a statistic. The most flexible format of all
Interactive Buttons To cause something to happen, like empty the trash, control WinAmp, etc.
Interactive Sliders To adjust something, such as the system volume, the song position, etc.
Animations To display information such as trash status & cpu usage in an animated way
Gauges To display information in an analog gauge format
Graphics To render a graphic image below or on top of other controls

As of Version 2.0, SysMetrix themes support the excellent Motherboard Monitor (MBM5) which is created by Alexander van Kaam. MBM5 is a freeware program that works with hundreds of motherboards and reports on various hardware related items such as temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, etc. You can goto Alexander's site ( for more information on MBM5. In order for SysMetrix to work with MBM5, you have to install and configure MBM5 on your system. After it's installed and running, SysMetrix should automatically be able to report on all of the information that MBM5 supplies. Most of the sensor values are available for use in various objects, such as Histograms, Bargraphs, MultistateImages, etc. Additionally, the following items are available for textual objects:

Temperature Sensors Name, Value, Minimum, Maximum, Alarm1, Alarm2
Voltage Sensors Name, Value, Minimum, Maximum, Alarm1, Alarm2
Fan Sensors Name, Value, Minimum, Maximum, Alarm1, Alarm2
CPU Sensors Name, Value

Note: MBM5 hasn't been updated in a long time and doesn't support contemporary motherboards.  Therefore, while this feature in SysMetrix is still operational, it's not longer very useful as MBM5 does not work with current hardware. At some point in the future I will look into a replacement for MBM5.

As of Version 3.0, SysMetrix themes support METAR Weather Reports and World Time Zones. The METAR weather will retrieve weather reports from any of over 6,000 airports worldwide on an hourly basis. The Time Zone support allows you to create themes that display the time and date anywhere in the world. Additionally, SysMetrix automatically determines whether the timezone practices Daylight Savings Time (DST), when DST starts and ends for that particular zone, and what the appropriate bias factor is.

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