Welcome to Xymantix Online, my website that's home to my graphics and programming work. A few of my programs, such as SysMetrix (a skinnable system metering program), XTail (a Windows-based tail utility), Wallpaper XChange (a Windows wallpaper utility), and Xoomer (a screen magnifier and color picker) are available for download from this site. Most of my skins and graphics are not available for download here, but I've uploaded most of them to various skinning sites such as:

WinCustomize Deviant Art SkinBase Art Uproar Customize.org

This website is now in its third incarnation.  It first started out as plain html written in Windows notepad.  By today's standards, it was pretty neolithic - no JavaScript, CSS, Flash, AJAX, Database Integration, etc.  The next version was better, as it had a menuing system and supported themes.  While the themes were derivations of my WinStep themes, I never made too many of them and got lazy and never switched them out - leaving it stagnant with the Shex theme.

I finally got tired of the dull, drab, darkness and wanted to build something more dynamic, exiting, and engaging.  I decided to go with the free, open-source Content Management System called Joomla!.  It was between that and Drupal, but Joomla is drop-dead easy to use and I had heard of other tell stories about Drupal's steep learning curve.  Also, Joomla is supposed to have better looking themes!

So here's the new and improved version of Xymantix Online, which has been online now for a full decade!  Due to the dynamic nature of the site, it will better reflect some of the new events and upcoming projects that are on the horizon instead of being a stagnant showcase of past works.  You'll be able to see my latest status updates via Twitter and facebook, and the content is presented in a much more interesting and exciting format.

I hope you enjoy looking around.  If you appreciate the free software, there are several ways to show your support:



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