Following is a partial list of some of SysMetrix's capabilities. The list has gotten pretty long over the years, so while there are a lot of entries it is by no means exhaustive.

  • It supports Themes to change it's look and functionality - you pick the size, shape, and even what area will be transparent
  • It has an integrated theme browser complete with automatic preview generator
  • It can display the time in an analog clock
  • It can display various statistics like the time/date/memory/disk/uptime/CPU/IP address/Network Traffic, etc in textual form
  • It can display various statistics in a variety of different graphical ways using histograms, bargraphs, sliders, multi and dual-state images, etc.
  • It can draw the histograms and bar graphs or paint them using images
  • It can monitor multiple POP email accounts and report on number of unread messages and sizes
  • It can play a sound once every hour or when there are unread email messages
  • It can be used to display and adjust the system's volume and mute state
  • It can be configured to refrain from playing sounds during specified periods of the day or night
  • It can graphically depict whether the recycle bin is empty or not and whether you have unread email messages
  • It can graphically depict whether the computer is connected to the network or not (LAN and dialup)
  • It can auto-scale the network traffic histograms based on past history
  • It can synchronize your PC's clock to an NTP server (atomic clock) on a configurable schedule
  • It can anti-alias the analog clock hands, so they look smooth instead of "jaggy"
  • It can do varying levels of transparency for the form if run on Windows 2000 or XP
  • It can be fixed or movable, and supports multi-monitor desktops
  • It can auto-adjust its position when the reserved screen area changes
  • It can be on top of all windows, and even disappear on a mouseover (to work on whatever window is underneath)
  • It can automatically startup with Windows
  • It can be used to remote-control a WinAmp2 compatible media player (play, pause, open files, adjust volume and position, etc)
  • It can be used to control the system, wave, cd, MIDI, line, and microphone volumes
  • It can be used to mute the sound card, or adjust the volume from the mouse wheel.
  • It can have skinnable buttons that show/empty the recycle bin, run your email client, etc.
  • It can show animations that run always, or only when the CPU usage is high, you have email, there are files in the recylebin, etc.
  • It can show the mouse position and the color of the pixel under the mouse, A CTRL-C copies the color to the clipboard.
  • It can hide the desktop icons, and reserve screen space for itself
  • You can drag and drop files onto the trash button to send them to the recycle bin
  • It can check the web for possible updates and report on recent changes
  • It has a configurable update interval
  • When used in combination with the Motherboard Monitor, it can report on motherboard/cpu/drive temperatures, voltages, fan speed, etc.
  • It can report on weather conditions such as temperature, dew point, barometric pressure, etc. via METAR reports
  • It can display the time and date all over the world in dozens of timezones, even taking into accout the practice of Daylight Savings Time
  • It can display any information from the Windows Registry
  • and more...

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